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    BEKEN ITALIA Srl is a young company founded in 2009, that made its way to projecting and developing a process and advanced technology, specializing in the research of products with low environmental impact.

    This is Beken’s main idea, which has been realized with the ability of leather chemists and technicians, who made a dream come true, and thanks to its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer – Per. Ind. Mirko Negretto – leveraging its expertise in chemistry and several technology industrial processes for the production of wet white, wet blue, metal-free, organic tanned leathers and retanning processes.
  • wet white Chemical and technologic research for its production
    wet blue Bekrome Line: completely organic basic chromium sulphate
    metal free Without the use of chrome or other tanning metal salts
    organic tanned leathers Special processes of completely organic tanning and re-tanning
    retanning processes For an excellent final result
    green-technology Research of products with low environmental impact

Brevetto USA

United States Patent No. USA 11,873,536 B2

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36071 Arzignano (VI) ITALY
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